Blood of the Moon

Week 4

After realizing that they had killed their guide, the Heroes wandered aimlessly in the sewers for a bit. After a few turns, they found themselves face-to-skin with a solid wall of flesh. Thanks to the [Swordmage; Jack’s character; Insert the character’s name here (With a Character Link)] they managed to teleport themselves into the gooey innards of the wall.

After a few minutes of swimming through the murky bowels of the wall, they came across another barrier of flesh. Arkri stabbed the flesh, and in a geyser of people and stomach juices, the party found themselves in a large room, with a paladin and a cleric tied up against a statue, and a few ware-rats guarding them. A battle quickly ensued. And when it was assumed that it was over, some archers reminded them that it wasn’t. Twice.

Once the battle was finished (For real this time), they found an engraving on an old sewer pipe.



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