Blood of the Moon

Final boss of the sewer.

Showing little regard for the commemorative plate, the party broke through the sewer grate. Mika the Cosmic Sorcerer brazenly charged ahead! (Only to be swept away by the current.)
Upon arriving at at the lowest level of a large, multi-levelled chamber Our adventurers are set upon by a Carrion Crawler. (Oh noes!) Meanwhile, three levels up, Hakka-tet the Thri-kreen fighter awakens to see a massive demon preparing to sacrifice her. After a short conversation with her courteous captor, She ran and leapt in an attempt to reach the opposite balcony, only to fall into the maw of the Carrion Crawler!
With surprising speed (within and without) The party managed to dispatch the great tentacled monstrosity, but to their dismay, the Greater Demon added confusion to the fray, revealing itself to be A WERE-BEHOLDER!?!?!?!
Unleashing her most powerful ability at it’s full strength, Mika assaulted the beast with Dazzling Ray. (It began as a thin laser. Then whirling magic circles grew around it. Then it got big) The Ferocious Fiend was unfazed. A smarter and more diplomatic end was the only chance to survive. Falsely claiming they would not interfere, the “brave” adventurers left the sewer system. With few other options, they called upon Money.
Explaining the direness of the situation to her, the imminent invasion by a Demonic hoard, she tasked them with crossing the pass and bringing the enchanted weapons she has been keeping in the ruined keep amid the wastes on the far side of Little White Fang.



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